Preparation based on cabbage extract

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  • Brassibee™ helps to control the nosema and contributes to increasing the vitality of bees and improving the condition of the colony. It can therefore be used as a preventive and prophylactic measure. As a natural formula it is environmentally and bee-friendly.
  • Brassibee™ formula is based on 100% cabbage extract, which has been used for centuries in natural and conventional medicine to effectively inhibit the development of pathogens including bacteria, fungi, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and antioxidant properties and to stimulate immunity and vitality of the body.
  • The production of the extract uses innovative processes that stimulate the formation of active substances and allow them to be isolated and extracted. Developed technological solutions make the extract obtained a unique concentration of substances responsible for such a special and effective, health-promoting effect of cabbage.
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Product application Simple easy, effectively

aplikacja produktu brassi bee 10 ml preparatu (1 monodoza) wymieszać z jednym litrem syropu

10ml of the formula (1 dose) mixed with one litre of syrup or one kilogram of dough

aplikacja produktu brassi bee 10 ml preparatu (1 monodoza) wymieszać z jednym litrem syropu

Feed to one bee colony 3 times at weekly intervals

In case to help control the nosema, the formula should be applied once after the risk is identified according to the above instruction.

aplikacja produktu brassi bee 10 ml preparatu (1 monodoza) wymieszać z jednym litrem syropu
  • Prophylactically, in order to increase bee vitality, improve the condition of the colony and support its development, the formula should be applied in spring according to the above instruction.
  • Prophylactically, in case to protect the bee family against winter, the formula should be applied in autumn according to the above instructions.
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Advantages and functions

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Multidirectional action

Due to its properties, Brassibee™ can be used for a purpose:

  • To assist in the control of nosema (ad hoc application after the occurrence of nosema).
  • To increase bee vitality, improve the condition of the colony and support its development (application in spring).
  • Protection of the colony against cold weather (application in autumn).
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Simplicity and safety in use

Brassibee™ is simple and safe to apply. It is willingly consumed by bees and does not indicate any negative effects.

Product application
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The effectiveness of the formula is due to the use of a unique cabbage extract for its development, the particular health-promoting properties of which have been used by people for centuries - the first leafy forms from which head cabbage was made began to grow as early as the 4th century BC. The use of different varieties of cabbage for medicinal purposes is mentioned in the evaporations of Pliny (1st century BC) and Cato (234-149 BC). The health properties of cabbage were also mentioned by Horace, Pythagoras and Diogenes.

Cabbage owes its effective healing and health-promoting effects to the substances it contains. Typical publications indicate that cabbage contains, among others, sixteen free amino acids, many mineral substances such as: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron, manganese; microelements; vitamins (C, A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, H, K, PP, E, U) as well as carotenoids, polyphenols, thiosulfinates, Lglutamine, glucosinolates and natural isothiocyanates and indols. However, a detailed report from the Reaxys® scientific database indicates the occurrence of as many as 466 different substances in cabbage.

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects of cabbage, known for centuries in folk medicine, are also successfully and widely used in conventional medicine. There are also many publications available which scientifically demonstrate cabbage's effective action in inhibiting the development of bacteria, fungi and moulds, combating inflammation, enhancing immunity and stimulating the body's vitality, as well as producing antibodies and removing toxins.

The innovative technology developed for obtaining the extract makes it a special and at the same time unique concentration of all those substances which are responsible for the effective pro-healthy action of cabbage. On its basis, Brassibee™ has been developed to effectively help improve the condition and well-being of bees and to contribute to the rational, effective and safe management of apiaries using natural products.

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Natural character

In the production of Brassitech™ extract we use the natural properties of cabbage and the natural processes that result in the creation of active substances responsible for such a multi-directional, effective healing and health-promoting effect of this vegetable.

The extract we obtain is a natural preparation and is the result of a unique technology combining the processes of hydrolysis, osmosis, extraction and selective sorption and desorption. As a result of combining various stages of the developed technological process, enzymatic hydrolysis and glucosinolate catabolism processes are stimulated, which result in the formation of active substances.

Thanks to the developed technology of isolation and extraction of the produced active substances, the extract is a unique, natural concentrate of substances, which are responsible for the characteristic for cabbage effective action inhibiting the development of pathogens as well as anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and antioxidant effects and strengthening the immunity and improving the efficiency of the body.

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